Visa is a kind of endorsement or acknowledgments, whose specific meaning differs from country to country. Generally speaking, however, it is used to mean one of the following two things: ones being the ‘permission to enter’ a given country, and the other being the ‘consul’s recommendation for a foreigner’s entry request.
In case of Republic of Korea, the latter definition is used. Therefore, even if one were to have a Korean visa, one can still be denied entry Korean soil should an immigration officer find some requirements unsatisfactory after inspection.
Notes : Should a visa applicant enter Korea prior to the actual issuance of the visa, it will be assumed that the applicant withdrawing their application, and the issuance will be canceled.

Visa applicant must claim their visa within 3 months after:
  • The date of application
  • The notification date of Minister of Justice’s approval (associable only if one is needed) Otherwise, the applicant must apply for a new visa.
What is Alien Registration Card?
If you stay in Korea for more than 90days, you should have the ARC according to Immigration Act. It is evidence to prove that you have a right to stay in Korea within valid. If you have ARC, you do not need to bring your passport all the time.

  • Those intending to stay in Korea for more than 90 days after entry
  • A former Korean who have acquired a foreign nationality after losing the Korean one or a foreigner born in Korea, who are given residence status and intend to sta
Re-entry Permit
A foreign national who during this his period of sojourn leaves Korea to return before the period of sojourn has expired, must have a Re-Entry Permit. A foreigner who leaves Korea without having obtained a Re-Entry Permit will, while overseas, have to get a new entry visa and after returning, go through the process of alien registration all over again, if you intend to stay for 90 days or more (it depends on your nationality).

A foreigner who enters Korea with a multiple visa may leave Korea and return a limitless number of times during their period of sojourn without needing an additional Re-Entry Permit

  • Single Entry Visa : One a single-entry is permitted for the duration of the visa
    (If you leave from Korea with a visa, you cannot enter Korea again with the same status of the visa even though it remains valid)
  • Multiple-entry Visa : Multiple entries are permitted for as long as visa remains valid